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COM SCI X 414.56
For those with basic database management knowledge, this course introduces important considerations in database application development and various technologies that have made possible database publishing on the Internet.
COM SCI X 414.65
For those with SQL knowledge, this course covers advanced SQL statements used in inserting, retrieving, and updating a database. Students learn how to use advanced features of SQL commands and other advanced topics.
Format: Online
COM SCI X 450.5
In this course, participants will learn about Big Data and the evolution of data processing technologies beyond data warehousing in the Big Data age. Participants will also learn about the integration of Big Data and Data Warehousing in an Analytical Ecosystem
COM SCI X 418.106
This course introduces Pandas, one of the core Python data analysis packages, and uses it as the basis for performing various types of data analysis tasks. Essential data visualization techniques will also be covered. 
Format: Online
COM SCI X 450.6
Data governance is an integrated framework of policies and technology applied to ensure effective data management. This course will help students to gain an understanding of various components that allow an enterprise to manage data.
COM SCI X 450.00
This course is for students with limited or no prior programming, statistics, and data analytics knowledge. This course is ideal for absolute beginners, business analysts, or non-tech managers who want to acquire a basic working knowledge of data science.
Format: Online | Hybrid | Classroom
COM SCI 800.003
This project-based Data Science Practicum provides students with the opportunity to gain real-world experience working with our industry partners. Each practicum cohort is sponsored by a company or organization.
Format: Classroom
COM SCI 800.004
A unique and focused class to prepare you for high demanding Data Science Analyst level positions. This is a fast-paced class and requires some computer programming experience in any language or knowledge of SAS programming.
COM SCI 800.02
This course provides a comprehensive introduction to entrepreneurial finance for individuals pursuing a startup. The course content is designed to help entrepreneurs understand all aspects of finance that they will have to analyze and manage.
COM SCI X 450.2
Students will learn the iterative process of EDA, data analysis techniques, data exploration, and visualization. The course uses tools such as R Programming for data analysis, and Tableau for data visualization.
Format: Classroom | Online
COM SCI X 418.105
Get an introduction to core concepts in probability and statistics that will be useful throughout your data science career. This course also introduces students to important Python tools used by data scientists. 
COM SCI X 450.3
In this course, you learn all about Hadoop & its framework consisting of tools for distributed storage and data processing, to an open-source framework while addressing distributed storage and large data set processing.
Format: Online | Classroom | Hybrid
COM SCI X 450.1
This course introduces students to the evolving domain of data science and the foodchain of knowledge domains involved in its application. Students learn a range of challenges and questions that data science helps address.
Format: Online | Classroom
COM SCI X 450.4
This course focuses on using the language R for machine learning, which is concerned with algorithms that transform information into actionable intelligence.
Format: Online | Classroom
COM SCI X 450.8
Get an introduction to the core concepts needed to implement a neural network application in Tensorflow. A final project crystallizes key concepts and familiarizes students with Tensorflow protocols.
COM SCI X 418.107
Numerical computing plays an essential role in data processing. Get an introduction to core numerical methods using Python. The Python package for numerical computing, Numpy, is used for implementing these methods.
COM SCI X 450.7
This hands-on course helps you use predictive analytics for improving business performance using techniques such as data mining, statistics, modeling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.
Format: Classroom
COM SCI X 418.104B
Python is a high-level, dynamically typed, and portable programming language that excels when the cost of software development outweighs performance considerations.
Format: Classroom | Online
COM SCI X 414.51
Learn relational database technology, data modeling, SQL, the translation of logical designs to physical storage structures, database integrity, storage and client/server management, and introduction to query optimization.
Format: Online | Classroom
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