This course introduces the methods, techniques and considerations behind geographic data visualization and Web based mapping. We will explore constructing narratives using maps with Esri's ArcGIS Story Map platform. It focuses upon data science, scientific communication, and the cartographic process, and in particular, considerations surrounding cartographic data visualization strategies.


What you can learn.

  • Knowledge of how data classification methods and color schemes can be employed in thematic mapping
  • Techniques to create data visualizations linking maps and other non-geographic data visualizations
  • Communicate effectively using maps and cartographic data visualization
  • Learn key principles related to cartographic layout and structure
  • Identify essential concepts of cartographic representation

About this course:

This course introduces the methods, techniques, and considerations behind geographic data visualization and GIS mapping. The first and most significant portion of the course covers best practices for cartographic design, including topics and techniques related to generalization, representation, typography, classification, color, and symbology. Students engage with the full extent of the cartographic design process in a practical context using ArcGIS, the leading commercial desktop GIS platform, by completing weekly projects that incorporate application of best practices of cartographic design. The second part of the course focuses on Web mapping and Web presentation of cartography, with a particular emphasis on cloud-based GIS and mapping platforms as well as cloud-based Web design and development essentials. Practical applications are provided throughout the course. Students will be earning transferable UCLA course credit for all courses in the certificate program. This course is accredited and approved by the UCLA Academic Senate as a credit-bearing course. It carries lower-division undergraduate credit. Weekly activities include reviewing video lectures, technical screencasts, and readings. Completing practical assignments involve the use of GIS methods to address real-world scenarios; Self-assessment using automated non-graded quizzes; and more.

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