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COM SCI X 460.1
This course provides a hands-on introduction to the architecture, deployment, and management of Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Format: In-Person
Next Start Date: June 26, 2023
COM SCI 900.003
The UCLA Extension Cybersecurity Boot Camp is a challenging, part-time program that prepares students with the skills, understanding, and tools they will need to initiate and advance their careers in the cybersecurity industry. 
Next Start Date: TBA
COM SCI X 420.9
This hands-on course introduces core defensive strategies for various environments and explores remediation strategies for thwarting attacks.
Format: Online
Next Start Date: June 26, 2023
COM SCI X 420.8
This hands-on course explores common and specialized security tools for penetration assessments. Students will have the opportunity to create their own custom tool or an extension to a known tool.
Format: Online
Next Start Date: June 26, 2023
COM SCI X 420.7
The class will examine relevant policies and regulations along with auditing practices. Topics covered include auditing standards and ethics, privacy, intellectual property, and legal issues in cyberspace.
Next Start Date: TBA
COM SCI X 420.1
This comprehensive introductory course combines theoretical security models with practical examples to benefit auditors, system administrators, or anyone else with a basic understanding of information technology.
Format: In-Person | Online
Next Start Date: June 26, 2023
COM SCI X 420.12
Learn the vulnerabilities of the cloud model, ways for companies to assess cloud risk and present methods and architectures that mitigate such risks & enhance the security, integrity, and availability of data in the cloud.
Next Start Date: TBA
COM SCI X 420.3
This course covers physical and logical cybersecurity for data centers and IT infrastructures. It defines a management program to protect assets across all levels of technology and the core components that support that information technology.
Format: Hybrid (In-Person) | Online
Next Start Date: June 26, 2023
COM SCI X 417.96
Learn network communications, from the basics of network topologies, OSI layering, & Ethernet to networking hardware and packet-switching fundamentals. The course focuses on TCP/IP and its plethora of protocols and services.
Format: Online | In-Person
Next Start Date: June 26, 2023
COM SCI X 420.5
This course delivers a step-by-step methodology for securing any infrastructure through enhanced defenses to the core components of networks and databases.
Format: Online | Hybrid (In-Person)
Next Start Date: June 26, 2023
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