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Programming is everywhere, and so are the jobs. Learn how to write the logic that powers everything from the most popular websites to your favorite new gadget. If you're interested in a career as a programmer, coder, software or website developer, UCLA Extension provides many courses and certificates to help you succeed.

Go beyond the basics and get a deep level of understanding that only professionals possess. Our instructors have been in the field for years and have the knowledge and experience to help you understand even the most complicated topics. Online tutorials are great to get you started but when you're serious about truly understanding a new language such as Java, Python, JavaScript and more, UCLA Extension instructors have answers to your most difficult questions.

The next big idea is out there and maybe it's yours. With the knowledge you'll gain from UCLA Extension programming courses, you can begin your path to success. Stop cutting and pasting your way through small projects. Learn to be a true programmer and tackle the most difficult problems. Signup today and unleash your programming potential at UCLA Extension.

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