Practicum in College Counseling

EDUC X 414.85

This capstone course for the College Counseling Certificate Program guides students to apply theory and methodology in a genuine counseling situation under professional supervision.


What you can learn.

  • Apply college counseling techniques in a supervised environment
  • Gain strategies for working with a wide range of students
  • Recognize the role of parents in the college admission process
  • How to assist students in finding financial aid and scholarships
  • Use counseling techniques to identify student interests

About this course:

Apply theory and methodology in a genuine counseling situation under professional supervision. Students complete 65 hours of supervised fieldwork in a local counseling venue and earn 50 hours of academic credit. Fieldwork must consist of individual counseling or meeting with students in group settings. For those who may have difficulty making arrangements to complete 65 hours of student counseling, they may complete 35 hours of counseling, as well as a pre-approved research project which is submitted to the instructor at the completion of the class. Students also participate in the online portion of the course in which practicum experiences are shared with colleagues and reviewed by the instructor.
Completion of the six required courses and formal enrollment in the certificate. Students may not enroll until their Practicum proposal has been approved and they have received permission from the College Counseling Certificate advisor.

Enrollment Instructions

Prior to enrollment in the Practicum in College Counseling course, students must submit a written proposal of their intended fieldwork.* 

The proposal should describe the counseling activities you expect to become involved with during the course, where your practicum will take place, who your supervisor will be, and how long you estimate it will take to complete your fieldwork.

Further instruction on how to submit your proposal can be found in the Practicum Proposal Form.

Download Practicum Proposal Form
*Only after the practicum proposal is approved will students be granted permission to enroll.

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