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EDUC 760.09
The class of 2021 will face unique college admissions challenges that other students likely will not. This webinar will discuss the admissions path for rising seniors, including how to navigate college applications this year.
EDUC X 414.98
The college admission process for international students is explored in this course with an emphasis on the special needs and requirements for international students applying to U.S. colleges and universities.
Format: Online
EDUC X 414.81
This overview course introduces college counseling and covers the process of academic planning for young people and their families as they navigate the college application process.
Format: Online
EDUC X 425.02
This course presents an intensive consideration of culture and diversity, impacts on school classrooms and strategies for diversity inclusiveness.
EDUC X 414.80
This interactive course draws on the theory and information presented in previous courses and challenges students to apply their knowledge, strategies, and approaches with real-life students.
EDUC X 414.89
Financial aid is complex and information intensive, this course gives college counselors the fundamentals of this important component of the college admissions process.
Format: Online
EDUC 746
Join the successful MBA students who have benefited from our GMAT Prep Class. We will help you improve your skills, confidence, and score, all of which increase your chance of admission into the MBA or other business program of your choice! This is a live-online course.
Format: Online
EDUC 745
Students seeking advanced degrees must first master their entrance exams before pursuing their career goals. Our GRE Test Prep will provide you with the tools you need to confidently excel on your GRE and pursue a Masters or doctoral degree in your field of choice. This is a live-online course.
Format: Online
EDUC X 425.04
This online course evaluates current technologies and their applications in the TESOL classroom in urban distance learning, and in adult TESOL education. Participants learn strategies for overcoming technophobia.
EDUC X 425.03
This online course offers an introduction to the history and construction of language and to the basic linguistic concepts of learning a second language.
Format: Online
EDUC 825
This required, first course in the TESOL certificate reviews student scope of work and portfolio assignments, English proficiency requirements, and prepares students for success in completing the certificate.
Format: Online
EDUC 747
Become a competitive applicant to the Law School of your choice with our LSAT Test Prep. Master the skills needed to succeed on the LSAT and take the test with the confidence of knowing that you prepared with an expertly created curriculum designed for your success.
Format: Online
EDUC X 414.85
This capstone course for the College Counseling Certificate Program guides students to apply theory and methodology in a genuine counseling situation under professional supervision.
Format: Online
EDUC X 414.99
This course emphasizes the development of knowledge and skills with regard to guiding and supporting community college students through all steps of their enrollment through application and transfer admission.
EDUC X 414.84
This course focuses on counseling college-bound students with learning disabilities, undocumented status, first-generation, and members of the LGBT community.
Format: Online
EDUC X 425.01
This practical, online introduction for TESOL educators presents methods and strategies for teaching listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills to English as Second Language learners.
Format: Online
EDUC X 425.05
The TESOL Practicum Portfolio is the capstone course for the TESOL certificate. Students compile a digital portfolio, including signature assignments, philosophy of teaching, and teaching videos.
Format: Online
EDUC X 414.90
College-bound students encounter a series of standardized examinations as they progress toward college admission, this course helps college counselors learn how to use and interpret these tests.
Format: Online
EDUC X 414.96
This course focuses on how to create a successful educational consulting practice using basic business principles and entrepreneurship skills.
EDUC X 414.82
This overview course covers the college admissions process for college counselors assisting young people and their families as they navigate the college application process.
Format: Online
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