Robotic Control Systems

MECH&AE 715.01

Join us for an introduction to digital actuators and a look at the new digital actuator control systems in this 2-hour webinar.

Remote Instruction
As few as 1 day

What you can learn.

  • Understand the principles of digital actuator systems, including motors and digital motor drive systems
  • Gain an introduction and insight into new design principles for robotic control system design, based on digital actuators

About this course:

This course will introduce the remarkable recent advances in Robotic Control Systems based on state-of-the-art digital actuators. These digital actuators, for example in motor control, now appear in a diverse range of new products from aerospace, ground vehicle systems, medical robotics and consumer electronics devices. These create opportunities for development of precise, high performance, and energy-efficient robotics. This course introduces digital actuators and then new digital actuator control systems. This includes example design and implementation examples. This also includes live demonstration of a novel digital control system. Finally, a hands-on kit, just now available, offers engineers with an opportunity to rapidly develop deep experience in this most important new field.

Spring 2021 Schedule

Available Format(s):

Remote instruction courses are taught online in real-time with regularly scheduled class meetings held via Zoom. Course materials can be accessed any time through an online learning platform.

Tuesday 10:00AM PT - 12:00PM PT
Location: Remote Learning
Instructor: William Kaiser
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Tue May 4, 2021
10:00AM PT - 12:00PM PT
Remote Learning

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