Composites Fabrication & Manufacturing

MECH&AE X 428.70

This course covers and introduces students to composite materials and processing within aerospace. 


What you can learn.

  • Understand the fundamentals of composite materials and processing
  • Evaluate the many composite platforms within aerospace
  • Identify the strength properties for various materials and weaves
  • Create an in-depth project identifying old materials in aerospace
  • Incorporate a new composite platform

About this course:

This course covers and introduces students to composite materials and processing within aerospace. During this class we will cover a breadth of materials and their use.  We will learn the different processes associated to each material and discuss the decision process when choosing what material will work best for each application.  We will review the progression within aerospace from metallic platforms to composite platforms.  During that portion of the course we will review the different materials and what works best for different portions of an aircraft.  As well, we will learn different means to repair aircraft and how it would apply to your environment.  Finally, the course will take you through various forms of Non-destructive testing as well as destructive testing.    

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