Succession Planning for the New Normal: Redefining Inspired Leadership

MGMT 715.04

In this one-hour webinar you will develop strategies to successfully implement a succession plan.


What you can learn.

  • Understand the importance of succession planning in a growing organization
  • Identify the difference in pre- and post-pandemic leadership values
  • Understand how robust scenario planning is required to understand the values, activities, and skills needed to be an inspired leader post-pandemic
  • Evaluate the current succession plans reviewed for current relevance
  • Determine what has happened and take personal action to shape the future

About this course:

It is the time, now, to redefine what inspired leadership needs to be post-pandemic and to assess the relevance of your current approach to succession planning. For firms that have a succession plan:  Is it still relevant and useful in a post-pandemic world?  What are key areas of the “new normal” that might impact the current succession plan? Have inspired leadership skills, values and activities been impacted by the business lockdown? Should a company modify its succession planning process?  Are the key people named in the current succession plan the right people to lead a post-pandemic business? To what key development or transitional activities should the future leaders on the succession plan be exposed? This session will assert that succession planning is important in all organizations. We will look at the good intention to have a succession planning process and the reality of implementing a succession plan. We will share concepts and tools that can be immediately used to aid in examining and adapting your current succession planning process to the new normal. 

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