Performing in TV Commercials: Practices and Opportunities in the Field


For those considering the lucrative field of TV commercials, or those simply seeking to improve communication skills, this course teaches auditioning, recording exercises, and other ways to improve form.


What you can learn.

  • Study acting strategies such as relaxation to improve performance
  • Tape your performances for instructor evaluation and discussion
  • Analyze commercial production from and actor's point of view
  • Understand professional practices such as audition techniques, agency representation, union membership, and more

About this course:

Considering the lucrative field of TV commercials or seeking to improve your confidence in personal or business communications? In this course, participants take part in simulated, recorded auditions for both "slice of life" dialogue and "spokesperson" narrative. To help you attain confidence and awareness, taped performances are sensitively directed and critiqued in class. This workshop provides a comprehensive overview of a commercial's production so auditioning actors understand the through-line of the process, from what advertisers are looking for and the steps to get there. You learn best professional practices for successful audition techniques--whether in person or self-taped submissions--as well as the elements of proper photography, building a strong digital portfolio, agency representation, and union membership.

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