Preparing Memorable Auditions for Online Casting Opportunities

FILM TV 701.3

Explore how to navigate the auditioning process in today’s online casting environment by learning how to assemble a self-produced audition tape or conduct a live virtual audition. 


What you can learn.

  • Understand how to assemble and submit a self-taped audition with minimum equipment requirements
  • Discover what casting directors are looking for and apply techniques to maximize chances for being cast
  • Identify best practices and common mistakes to avoid when self-taping
  • Learn how to conduct a live audition online using Zoom or Skype

About this course:

With film and TV production in flux due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, finding promising audition opportunities can seem more challenging than ever. In this seminar, we’ll explore how to navigate the auditioning process by exploring different types of casting opportunities in motion pictures, television and commercials, focusing on auditioning in today’s online casting environment. You will learn how to assemble a self-produced audition tape for submission to casting directors and agencies that maximizes your chances of being cast, the Do’s and Don’ts of self- taping auditions and the most common mistakes to avoid. At the end of the seminar, you will be able to approach your upcoming auditioning opportunities with confidence and without distraction, understand the minimum equipment requirements for self-taping auditions, and apply best practices for working online. You will gain the skills to conduct live online auditions with Zoom or Skype and to identify the differences between self-taped and live auditions and most importantly, the elements that casting directors are looking for from self-taped auditions.

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