Visualization and Exposure

FILM TV X 478.27B

Advance your skills as a cinematographer with this hands-on course. Learn pre and on-set visualization with a particular emphasis on digital exposure, composition and framing. Weekly exercises and workshops will help to enhance your skills.


What you can learn.

  • Understand pre-visualizing lighting design and execution for a project
  • Learn pre-production tools with emphasis on lighting, lenses, color, and more
  • Delve more deeply into the nuances of cameras and camera movement
  • Master lighting and exposure skills in weekly exercises

About this course:

This course is designed to deepen the cinematographer's understanding of the principles and methods of visualization on-set and in pre-production with particular emphasis on digital exposure and pre-visualizing lighting design and execution. Instruction covers pre-production tools and techniques for cinematographers with emphasis on lighting, lenses, cameras, camera movement and color. Each week, you participate in exercises and workshops designed to help you master the skills used for visualizing the lighting, camera and exposure of the scene. You also practice the techniques of composition and framing (interior and exterior). You learn how to design shots, achieve compositional balance, tracking, gear-heads, fluid heads, eye-lines and two-shots.
Successful completion of or concurrent enrollment in FILM TV X 478.27A Introduction to Cinematography.

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