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MGMT 833.435
Hear from our panel of industry experts about their experiences and what the future holds for the field of credit management at our free virtual event. 
Next Start Date: TBA
MGMT X 430.612
This course prepares you for your first day of work in credit analysis: where to start, what to look at, what to do, and what you need in a real-world work environment.
Format: Online
Next Start Date: September 20, 2021
MGMT X 430.613
Learn to dissect a business plan, evaluate each component; read, research, fact-check and evaluate the plan; and communicate the SWOT of the business plan to appropriate conclusions.
Next Start Date: TBA
MGMT X 430.611
This course provides a broad overview of credit instruments and markets, covering risk, return, debt securities, and the techniques firms and governments use to approach the debt market.
Next Start Date: TBA
MGMT X 430.616
Learn to underwrite and manage a portfolio of commercial mortgages and syndicated, middle-market, asset-based, and trade finance loans.
Format: Online
Next Start Date: September 20, 2021
MGMT X 430.614
Be exposed to real client data designed to challenge your writing skills. At the conclusion of the course, you should be able to effectively present findings to a credit manager or credit committee.
Next Start Date: TBA
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