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MGMT 833.762
Participants learn the different skill sets required for both creating wealth and ultimately maintaining wealth: skill sets that are actually quite different.
Next Start Date: TBA
MGMT X 433.03
Students are introduced to several useful concepts that many hedge funds employ today. Instruction includes an overview of the "boom-to-bust cycle" from a historical perspective and how it can affect investment strategy.
Next Start Date: TBA
MGMT X 433.032
This course is designed for investors who recognize the importance of diversifying their investment portfolios and who have a desire to understand the risk and rewards of various asset classes.
Format: Hybrid (In-Person)
Next Start Date: June 28, 2023
MGMT 833.836
Cybersecurity is at the forefront of the news today. Know what to do when a breach happens. Learn about network security and how to protect your firm's privacy as well as your clients' privacy.
Next Start Date: TBA
MGMT X 433.01
Learn the basics of investing, including investment analysis, investment risk, capital markets, portfolio development, management and rebalancing.
Format: Hybrid (In-Person) | Online
Next Start Date: June 27, 2023
MGMT X 460.983
This course provides students with a comprehensive overview of investment opportunities and strategies in international markets, including the developed world and expanding emerging markets.
Format: Online | In-Person
Next Start Date: June 26, 2023
MGMT 833.80
Learn about the equities markets in both up and down markets and the approaches that successful investors use to select stocks in both environments.
Next Start Date: TBA
MGMT 833.614
This one-day seminar introduces the skills and knowledge for researching and analyzing real estate investment opportunities to provide supplemental income, retirement income, or for long-term portfolio diversification.
Next Start Date: TBA
MGMT X 433.033
This in-depth course educates individuals on the utilization of options and demonstrates how options can add value to your current investment strategies.
Format: Online
Next Start Date: June 26, 2023
MGMT 833.826
This one-day seminar provides key investment fundamentals and application of these principles.
Next Start Date: TBA
MGMT X 433.02
Instruction focuses on the use of case studies to examine equities and bonds.
Format: In-Person
Next Start Date: September 25, 2023
MGMT 833.834
Maintain an intelligent investment strategy while learning how to design, evaluate, and manage a complete portfolio using the most up-to-date tools to screen for social responsibility.
Next Start Date: TBA
MGMT X 430.326
Investing is a rigorous, evidence-based discipline of collecting and analyzing data to uncover the sources of risk and return. Understand why investors do not always make financial decisions that are rational.
Next Start Date: TBA
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