Contemporary World History: 1760 to the Present


This course presents a broad thematic survey of world history since the mid-18th century, examining imperialism, total war, nationalism, decolonization, changes in women's rights, and the eclipse of world communism.


What you can learn.

  • Recognize the impact of the Industrial Revolution (capitalism) and ideologies on the modern world
  • Explain influential political, social, economic, and cultural structures
  • Identify historical developments which contribute to the rise and decline of hegemonic centers since 1760s

About this course:

This course presents a broad thematic survey of world history since the mid-18th century. Instruction examines the global implications of imperialism, total war, nationalism, cultural change, decolonization, changes in women's rights and roles, and the eclipse of world communism. The course is designed to introduce students to historical study, help them understand issues and dilemmas facing the world today, and prepare them for more in-depth work in the history of specific regions or countries of the world. Transferable for UC credit.

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