Introductory Sociology


This course surveys the characteristics of social life, processes of social interaction, and tools of sociological investigation.Topics include race; social class; economic and cultural globalization; information technology. 


What you can learn.

  • Explore how everyday experience is shaped by social, cultural, historical, political, and economic factors
  • Apply sociological ideas to our lived experience in order to see the connections between everyday life and social dynamics
  • Study sociological methods in order to understand the value of social science research
  • Discover the value of sociological theory by examining social phenomena from multiple theoretical perspectives
  • Ask about the enduring effects of social structures, institutions, and history
  • Reflect upon socialization, identity, and the development of a self through cross cultural examples

About this course:

This course surveys the characteristics of social life, processes of social interaction, and tools of sociological investigation. Students explore the sociological principles underlying the development, structure, and function of culture; society; human groups; personality formation; and social change. Instruction emphasizes systematic social inequality, class, power, ideology, and social psychology. Topics include race, social class, economic and cultural globalization, information technology, and the changing nature of the relationship between women and men. One of the goals of this course is to increase students' awareness, acceptance, and appreciation for the diverse world we negotiate every day, and to learn how to employ critical thinking when pondering the social issues of our times. Transferable for UC credit.
Student must have completed high school by enrollment date.

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