Brian Farrey-Latz

Brian Farrey-Latz

Instructor Biography:

M.F.A., 18-year-publishing veteran whose debut novel, With or Without You, was named a Stonewall Honor book by the American Library Association. He is a three-time winner of the Minnesota Book Award and received a McKnight Artist Fellowship in 2017.

Instructor Statement:

As a teacher, I strive to meet my students where they are, adapting my teaching methods to accommodate a variety of learning styles and personalities from all backgrounds. It is my first and most important job to provide an inclusive space free from ridicule, prejudice and hatred. I encourage students to read widely and deeply, consciously straying from familiar texts as part of the challenge of learning. Reading is a key ingredient in unity and compassion. My reading lists seek to raise up traditionally unheard voices, not only to endow students with a firm grounding in multicultural and ideological representation but also in the hopes that similar traditionally unheard voices will find the impetus to speak up.

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