Cody Smart

Cody Smart

Instructor Biography:

Cody is an independent writer and script doctor from Chile. She holds degrees in English Literature & Linguistics, Screenwriting, Development and Producing. She worked as a script analyst for Sony, she’s a judge for multiple script and film competitions, she’s written some award-winning shorts, she’s head of the coverage department at a script hosting site and she does a bi-monthly vlog with tips for Screenwriters for Story Data. She takes pride in helping writers take their work to the next level.

Instructor Statement:

I love teaching, I’m very passionate about engaging with my students and making them love what they’re studying and I believe that loving what you do, the way I do, is the best way to connect with your students and pass down your knowledge.

I believe that screenwriting and filmmaking are collaborative mediums and getting an education in the field – and networking with your classmates and teachers as you do it - is the best first step a person can take to jump start their career.

Writing is a creative medium and I like to encourage creativity inside and outside of the classroom. New experiences, pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and drawing from what you’ve learned in your own life is what I believe will ultimately make your stories richer, make you stand out as a writer and take your work to the next level.

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