Joe Hartnett

Joseph Hartnett

Joe is proud of his service to UCLAx students as an adjunct professor of Marketing and Brand Management since 2008. One of his recent students wrote, “Professor Hartnett’s humility, kindness, passion, and knowledge made this shared journey profoundly enriching within an emotionally safe environment.” Centered on his 30+ year career in the creative business arts, Joe now joins the fastgrowing field of Sustainability, also at UCLAx. “For years, sustainability has been marketed negatively, using implied guilt as a primary motivator,” Joe reports. “We’re bringing a fresh, new position to the marketplace, based on the proven principles of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance). 80% of studies show that operational performance, cash flows, and stock price growth are all positively influenced by good sustainability practices.” Along with Professor Misha Kouzeh, Joe is a co-instructor of Strategic Social Impact, a new course offering each student the opportunity to transform a passion for positive change into concrete plans for achieving a social goal and a successful business.

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