marlea Welton

Marlea Welton

Marlea Welton is a Business Anthropologist, a career that emanated out of a life-long passion for observation and the love of humanity. She pursued career choices in two professions (journalism and law) before receiving her Masters of Science in Anthropology at Purdue. After graduate school, she went to work at two international businesses (Japanese and Korean). At both places she was one of the few Americans with a supervisory role. The demographic of her students is also multi-cultural: she worked at an all-African American school, an all-American Indian school, and currently teaches international students from over 38 different countries at both Santa Monica College and UCLA Extension. Marlea has learned communication and cultural awareness on the job. She has been asked to design courses in unique curriculum (Intercultural Business Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Cross-Cultural Leadership, and Technology and the Future of Emotions).

Recently, Marlea was chosen to be a Fellow in the Center for Teacher Excellence at Santa Monica College. She utilizes the Philosophy of Value (Soka Education) for her academic toolbox.

Marlea currently oversees a student club known as The Global Village in conjunction with her consulting company. It is based on international business practices as espoused by the UN Global Compact.

Marlea is very active in her local community and the academic community at large. She has sponsored Hollywood directors, presidents of Colleges and exhibits on special events at both Santa Monica College and UCLA Extension. She has participated in a conference at Stanford on Futurism. In addition to experience in business and excellence in academia, Marlea is also first and foremost, an innovative and committed educator.

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