Comics and Graphic Novels/Memoirs


Learn to leverage the unique advantages of comic-based storytelling in this workshop designed to help you start a new project


What you can learn.

  • Get insight into what makes a successful collaboration between writers and creative collaborators
  • Explore how the unique form of the comic presents opportunities and challenges for the writer
  • Engage in practical workshops and lectures that make comic book theory accessible and practical
  • Hear from professional guest speakers how to write and publish your strongest graphic novel or memoir

About this course:

There’s a fascinating series of tensions in comics. The tension between word and image, between what’s seen and unseen, passive and active readership, expectations and pay-offs, space and time and, of course, the dramatic tension that makes a given scene engaging. There’s also the tension that can arise between creative collaborators, so this course will also explore what makes for good collaboration.  Comics are referred to as “the Ninth Art” in France, and it’s key to understand the medium’s similarities and differences with artforms as deeply as possible. A writer simply handing a screenplay to an art team and asking them to go figure it out, for instance, is almost always a recipe for disaster. A comics script that’s been carefully tailored to the form, however, has far better chance to soar. Through a series of practical workshops, lectures that make the most nuanced theories accessible and helpful perspectives from a selection of working professional guest speakers, this course will be giving you all the insight to make the best comic possible.   

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