Mystery Novel I


Start your mystery novel in this course that grounds you in the genre’s basics and helps you craft a compelling story.


What you can learn.

  • Learn to identify mystery novel subgenres and what makes them tick
  • Get a sense of how to plot out the complex and nuanced storytelling of the mystery
  • Apply fiction writing techniques that make novels successful to your own mystery
  • Give and receive feedback on written work as part of a writer’s workshop

About this course:

Crime novel of all types—be they cozies, hard-boiled, or thrillers—often appear on the bestseller lists. But mysteries are challenging novels to write due to their complex plots, the necessity of planting of clues and red herrings, and the unraveling of the crime. Mystery Novel I provides both aspiring and experienced writers with the genre-related tools necessary to plan a mystery, along with exploring the craft skills all writers need, including POV, capturing a vivid sense of place, and creating characters that live off the page. Students also provide peer critiques, since writers benefit as much from providing feedback as receiving it. The goal is to complete a compelling opening and a first chapter of up to 25 pages in the first of this two-course sequence.

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