Pitching for Film and Television


Learn to build effective feature film and television pitches and communicate them in a style that fits your personality.


What you can learn.

  • Learn to communicate what is special about you and about your project to draw interest to your work
  • Explore the differences in pitching for film and for television as you role play industry pitching scenarios
  • Develop a set of practical tools to help you pitch your screenwriting project for maximum interest
  • Give and receive feedback from a supportive community of writers and aspiring professionals

About this course:

Aspiring film and television writers can spend years getting their scripts to a place where they gain traction, earning them desired meetings with industry professionals such as agents, managers, producers, showrunners and executives. Many writers find themselves unprepared for the opportunities that their hard word has earned. They may get overwhelmed or feel ill equipped to communicate what is special about their projects or why they, (with so many other writers out there) should be hired for a particular writing assignment. In other words, they don’t know how to pitch themselves and their projects. There’s no way around it, pitching is an essential part of the business and sometimes you “gotta tell it to sell it.” This course deconstructs and demystifies the pitching process in a way that helps writers build effective pitches and communicate them in a style that fits their personality. We’ll explore the difference between pitching for film and television, identify the commercial potential of your project, role play industry pitching scenarios and empower you to pitch with confidence. You’ll leave the course with a set of practical tools to help you pitch your film or television project in a way that generates excitement about you and your work.

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