Young Adult Novel II

Continue progress on a young adult novel in this course focusing on diving deeper into an analysis of your story's elements, while workshop feedback helps you improve from draft to draft.
Starting at $695.00
As few as 10 weeks

What you will learn.

  • Explore character, voice, plot, dialogue and description in your draft
  • Identify areas for improvement through workshopping drafts with other students
  • Complete up to 50 pages of your novel and create a plan to finish your book

About this course:

Readers of young adult novels demand immediate action, fascinating characters, interesting situations, realistic dialogue, and unique, yet somehow familiar settings—all at the same time! Crafting all of those elements, while also developing a distinctive voice, can be quite tricky. This course helps take your young adult novel—either a work-in-progress or a completed draft—to the next level by exploring the nuance of the young adult novel; diving deeper into elements like character, voice, plot, dialogue, and description; and by supportively critiquing each other’s work. By the end, you will have completed approximately 30 to 50 pages of a young adult novel and have a workable plan for finishing the draft.

Summer 2019 Schedule

Available Format(s):

These courses are fully online, and there are no in-person classroom meetings.

Enrollment Closed
Instructor: Kelly Barson
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Enrollment limited to 15 students. Internet access required.
Refund Deadline
No refunds after July 8, 2019
Course Requirements
Internet access required to retrieve course materials.

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