Middle Grade Novel I


Shape your novel idea for 8-12 year-old readers into a solid synopsis and outline as you work to generate the first two chapters.


What you will learn.

  • Develop a novel idea into a workable outline to help you complete the draft
  • Study successful middle grade novels to identify powerful techniques
  • Give and receive feedback on student drafts
  • Make progress by completing up to two chapters of your novel

About this course:

Middle grade novels have a demanding audience. Young readers want interesting stories that either transport them to a world unlike their own or that show them that they are not alone, that there are others who feel and experience the same things that they do. They want gut-wrenchingly true stories, even if they are fantasy or sci-fi. This course helps you shape your middle grade novel idea into a workable outline and gives you the tools to execute that plan. You read and study successful middle grade novels, practice and experiment with fiction-writing techniques, give and take feedback with your peers' work through workshop and learn revision techniques. By the end of the course, you have a synopsis or outline and a solid draft of two chapters.

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