Controlling Change for On-Site Projects

MGMT X 443.8

This course provides training on an organized approach to change management in the real work environment. Recognizing all factors impacting and impacted by the unavoidable phenomena of change on the project is a key skill for the experienced project manager. NOTE: The enrollment deadline for this course is 11:59 pm PT on Sunday before the quarter begins.


What you can learn.

  • Describe the essence of project monitoring and control
  • Define the relationship and interdependencies between project planning and control
  • Apply techniques to capture project status, track progress, and analyze project performance to determine if its on track and/or what needs to be changed
  • Apply the steps to effectively monitor and control project work to meet desired goals using situational approachs

About this course:

Once projects cross their planning stage, the execution phase starts with the inevitable reality of needing to change and update the original plans. Supported with formal baselines for project schedule, cost, quality, and resources, the project manager’s key role is to ensure changes against those baselines are made orderly, formally, and effectively. This course focuses on project implementation and the various qualitative and quantitative methods project managers rely on to control and manage their project changes to successfully complete them on-time and within budget. Project changes in one area will necessarily impact other areas, requiring a relentless balancing act among schedule, cost, quality, staffing, and risk-related priorities. This course will also cover tactics to manage the myriad of stakeholders on the project during its implementation and control stages, utilizing an integrated change management approach to minimize negative impacts and maximize positive outcomes.
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