Chinese Brush Painting

ART X 430

In this course, students explore the spontaneous style of Chinese Brush Painting through hands-on step-by-step instruction.


What you can learn.

  • Explore the legends, romantic stories, and symbolic spirituality of this art form
  • Show the vitality of nature by executing your painting in a lively way, moving of the brush in a simple, dynamic, and powerful manner
  • Receive detailed instructions on appropriate use of rice paper, brushes, colors, and ink
  • Paint subjects such as flowers, landscapes, and animals

About this course:

In Chinese art and culture, a flower is never merely a flower nor scenery merely a place; each has its legends, romantic stories, and symbolic spirituality. Take a journey into the world of Chinese Brush Painting in this comprehensive 11-week course which offers an in-depth exploration of its theory, materials, techniques, skills, and subjects. Through lectures, demonstrations, discussion, and live step-by-step instruction, students learn basic skills and concepts, then build up to more advanced techniques and compositions. Subjects include floral, landscape, and animals. Topics include detailed instructions on appropriate use of rice paper, brushes, colors, and ink. For beginning to advanced students.
Learn from Industry Leaders

"In brush painting (as in life), the first stroke is a 'happening.' The rest are a series of adjustments building upon previous ones. Whether one is undergoing a career change, enhancing skills, or engaged in lifelong learning, Chinese Brush Painting is an enlightening practice in embracing change."

Mayee Futterman

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