An Integrated Being–The Future of Human Evolution: Awakening

MGMT 815.56

This joy is so great and self –fulfilling which bears its own greatest rewards that in comparison, any other desires and wishes, would be insignificant – Living a life when every moment is a joy and bliss, created by you and for you throughout eternity! – For you always are with the world inside you to create whatever you desire and wish when you embrace the Unity of everything which You Are!


What you can learn.

  • Lead a life of Joy beyond simple existence
  • Realize your role in eternity
  • Realize the Unity and the world inside you
  • Live a fulfilling life where all your desires are fulfilled
  • Realize that the world is made by you, for you
  • Understand that Now is eternity and the Gate to all that there is

About this course:

This course is designed to take you to the farthest frontiers of your consciousness and imagination to transform your views of life for a fulfilling and most joyous life experiences and ultimate Being beyond the simple existence. You will learn and realize to gracefully ascend through the steps of daily challenges and pain-body to unconditional happiness; joy; and feelings of bliss and ecstasy by realizing and embracing your True Nature which embodies Appreciation and Gratefulness for each moment of life and the Present Moment, simply because YOU ARE! – When in a state of Joy, nothing is impossible for the whole universe would serve to fulfill your every desire, to get you want you want, and to most importantly, help you stay and linger in that state, while sharing with others the inner joy which is your birthright!

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