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Policy affects every aspect of our lives from education and climate to health care and national security. Whether you work for the government, a nonprofit organization, or a business, making sure you are up-to-date on the latest policies is crucial to protecting interests and implementing change.

For over 38 years, UCLA Extension has been training professionals in public policy through the annual Land Use Law and Planning Conference, CEQA seminars, as well as climate policy, education policy, health care policy, and food justice courses. Our classes teach real-world public policy. Learn from instructors who bring their deep knowledge and experience as working public policy professionals into the classroom.

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Land Use Law and Planning Conference

Largely regarded as the preeminent land use conference in the West, the UCLA Extension Land Use Law and Planning Conference is the leading source of information on California land use legislation, case law, and the emerging issues that frame land use and development practices in the nation's most populous state. 

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