Principles of Sustainability III: Stakeholders and Engaging Communities


This course addresses the equity of sustainability efforts by individuals and groups, exploring environmental justice and socio-cultural behaviors that affect beliefs, change, and decision-making.

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What you can learn.

  • Identify the stakeholders and their roles in collaborating to advance sustainability
  • Discover how sustainability issues translate to stakeholder dialogue
  • Evaluate strategies to advance sustainability efforts

About this course:

This course focuses on the human element, addressing the adequacy and equity of sustainability efforts, and taking the universal principles to a different level that includes environmental justice. The emphasis is on behaviors and characteristics of the individual, as well as the larger group and community influences that help shape and transform the individual into a sustainable global citizen. Topics include psychosocial and socio-cultural behaviors affecting beliefs, change, and decision making; potential effects of sustainable action vs. inaction; pathways toward sustainable education and awareness; advocacy and activism; and the ethics of sustainability efforts across nations, including future opportunities and challenges. Includes guest experts, case studies, and site visits. Upon completing this course, students have a preparatory knowledge and understanding of individual and group roles in global sustainability; the interconnectedness and necessity of collaboration between social, economic, and ecological responsibilities; and the importance of advocacy and the media in raising and maintaining awareness of global sustainability and citizenry.
Suggested Prerequisites

It is advisable that you complete the following (or equivalent) since they are prerequisites for Principles of Sustainability III: Stakeholders and Engaging Communities.

X 400 Principles of Sustainability I: Introduction.

Winter 2020 Schedule

Available Format(s):

These courses are fully online, and there are no in-person classroom meetings.

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Instructor: Dean Curtis
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Required course in Sustainability Certificate.

Restricted course. Web enrollments automatically generate a "Permission to Enroll" request.

Enrollment limited. Enrollment deadline: January 10, 2020. Internet access required. Materials required.

Refund Deadline
No refunds after January 10, 2020
Course Requirements
Book: Understanding the Social Dimension of Sustainability by Dillard, Jesse, Veronica Dujon and Mary C. King
(Optional) Internet access required to retrieve course materials

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