Self-Care for Addiction Professionals: Optimizing Health and Wellbeing

COM HLT X 470.12

Substance use disorder counselors experience high rates of burnout. Develop self-care skills related to mindfulness, healthy sleep habits, optimal nutrition, and regular exercise to optimize your work with clients.


What you can learn.

  • Outline prevalence and patterns of burnout across the addictions profession
  • Discuss the benefits of optimizing health habits including: sufficient sleep, optimal nutrition, regular exercise, mindful awareness
  • Develop and practice a comprehensive self-care plan
  • Practice mindful awareness skills
  • Practice loving kindness meditation

About this course:

This course provides students with a basic level of understanding of the epidemiology and development of burnout, including learning current science to establish a foundational understanding of physical, psychological, and spiritual self-care to optimize adoption of a plan for well-being while conducting work in the field of substance use disorders. Substance use disorder professionals experience high rates of burnout similar to other providers of mental health care. High rates of burnout can result in increased job dissatisfaction, increased absences from work, leaving jobs early, impacted job performance and functioning in other areas of life, and relapse. Research indicates a substantial need to establish a mechanism of self-care and collaborative partnership among addiction professionals to reduce the impact of burnout. Specific topics include: the biological, developmental, psychological, and environmental factors that contribute to burnout; recognition of stressful dynamics and increasing self-awareness; neurobiological benefits to self-care; mindfulness practice and meditation; developing good sleep hygiene and the importance of sleep; adequate nutrition and exercise; and maintaining motivation to engage in self-care behaviors. Includes guest speakers and weekly mindfulness practice. 

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