Indoor Plants: Care and Maintenance

BIOLGY X 465.33

An introduction to the fundamentals of growing plants indoors. Learn how to identify your unique indoor environment, how to choose appropriate and healthy plants, and how to create a maintenance schedule for plant success!  Elective course in the horticulture certificate.

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As few as 11 weeks

What you can learn.

  • How to successfully grow plants indoors
  • Recognize your personal indoor environments and learn to choose appropriate plants for that environment
  • Explore the specific environmental requirements of over 50 indoor plants
  • Discuss watering, pruning, fertilizing, and lighting methods
  • Identify common plant diseases and pests in the indoor environment
  • Identify and name over 50 different plants suitable for indoors

About this course:

Plants add color, texture and warmth to indoor spaces. They improve air quality and add a natural and living element to a room’s design. Whether you are looking to expand your indoor plant collection, just getting started with your first plant, or looking for answers to your many plant problems, this course focuses on the fundamental aspects of growing plants indoors. Instruction includes properly identifying fifty plants that do well in an indoor environment and their specific cultural requirements. The course of study also covers understanding indoor environments, which is fundamental when choosing plants that will have the most success. This course covers common indoor plant pests, diseases, watering techniques, artificial and natural lighting, humidity, temperature, etc.

Spring 2024 Schedule

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Instructor: Leslie F. Halleck
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Optional Zoom "drop-in" Q&A sessions to be arranged. Internet Access Required. Materials Required.
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