Cosmology, Astronomy, and Space Exploration in the News

GENINT 721.491

Osher (50+). This course reviews what we already know about the universe, theories about the origin of the universe, and the latest cosmic discoveries and space news.


What you can learn.

  • Understand basic cosmology
  • Understand the basics of Big Bang theory, multi-verses, and space exploration
  • Analyze current events and news pieces
  • Analyze implications of cosmology, astronomy, and space exploration

About this course:

Due to advances in technology, what we thought we knew about the fundamentals of cosmology, astronomy, and space exploration is evolving almost daily. In this course, we explore the latest concepts, news, and discoveries regarding multiverses, gravitational waves, black holes, neutron stars, exoplanets, and the beginning of our universe. We also follow the progress of NASA's and ESA's missions to the moon, Mars, and Europa--Jupiter's ice covered moon, and much more.

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