Photography II

ART X 439.90

Both intermediate and advanced photographers will gain control of all photographic variables while attempting various creative assignments in this course.

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What you can learn.

  • Gain a technical skill set in image capture, camera functions, file management and workflow, post-processing, composition and lighting for digital photography
  • Explore creative planning and concept development, contemporary photographers, the history of photography, development of visual sensitivity and more
  • Successfully concept and complete a personal photographic essay demonstrating a personal vision and competency in course material

About this course:

This course focuses on gaining control of all photographic variables while attempting various creative assignments. The use of manual controls is emphasized, along with the capture and processing of RAW image files. Course assignments involve defining a point of view, emphasizing figure versus ground, storytelling, portraits, and the use of artificial light. Instruction also covers the RAW workflow, Photoshop for photographers, and monitor calibration.
ART X 438.9 Photography I or equivalent experience; an advanced knowledge of general photography.

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Instructor: Natasha Rudenko
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