Creative Process in the Age of AI

DESMA 715.22

Filmmaker Brett Leonard offers an insightful presentation on the future of creative work.


What you can learn.

  • Examine examples of how creatives are incorporating AI to their workflows
  • Understand the current impact of AI in the creative area
  • See examples where AI can accelerate the creative process
  • Identify skill areas that are uniquely human, where AI is a distant second
  • Embrace AI as a new creative collaborator

About this course:

Filmmaker Brett Leonard offers an insightful presentation on the future of creative work. With his extensive experience in exploring the intersection of technology and art, Leonard sheds light on the profound impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on creative invention. Drawing from his own pioneering work in virtual reality and AI-driven storytelling, Leonard showcases captivating examples of AI's potential to inspire and enhance artistic expression. His approach encourages artists in all areas to harness AI's power for innovation while preserving human imagination and expression
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