The Young Child in the Family and Community


Create social equity in the classroom and drive your school's parent engagement to improve children's outcomes. This online early childhood development course focuses on the social and cultural dynamics between the young child, family, and community.

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As few as 8 weeks

What you can learn.

  • Develop culturally relevant curricula for positive identity development, using children’s life experiences and home culture
  • Investigate community resources to support families and children
  • Learn strategies to engage and create partnerships between families and schools to improve children’s outcomes
  • Articulate theory and principles of early socialization
  • Recognize contextual factors that impact risk and well-being of young children
  • Understand disability and inclusive classrooms

About this course:

This online early childhood development course focuses on the social and cultural dynamics between the young child, the family, and the community. Students develop communication skills between young children, peer groups, parents, and teachers. They investigate community resources and social services, including health care, welfare, and counseling. Students also explore culture, diversity, and equity within the classroom and the larger community. Students examine their own and others’ understanding of social and cultural belonging. Instruction includes exploration of tools, classroom strategies, community resources, and advocacy for supporting family engagement and creating productive partnerships with children and families. Note that this is an intensive course, in which the work of a full academic quarter is offered in only 8 weeks. You may be required to interview people, observe children, or go into the community for this course, so plan ahead.

Summer 2020 Schedule

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Instructor: Tamara Jackson
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Instructor: Robert Brin
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