Conquering Your Story and Its Superstructure


Learn critical skills to develop a powerful, unique premise for your fiction or nonfiction in this intensive workshop dedicated to the magic that makes stories work.


What you can learn.

  • Create a representation wish-list that captures your unique passions and interests
  • Learn fundamentals including character development, conflict, and superstructure

  • Read published work and complete in class exercises to develop storytelling skills
  • Craft a detailed superstructure outline to use in the development and completion of your story

About this course:

The first fundamental challenge facing all writers, whether novice or professional, is the process of transforming your premise into a compelling, sustainable story. This intensive workshop focuses solely on the art of the story, with an emphasis on such fundamentals as character development, super-objective, rising conflict, scene work, and the all-important quest to find your story’s superstructure. Through a series of lectures, published examples, and in-class writing exercises, writers learn how to spot critical mistakes often made in the initial development of any narrative. This workshop is designed for writers with a specific story they feel passionate about telling. After the course, you have a greater understanding of what makes a story work, along with your own detailed superstructure outline to use in the development, completion, and revision of your story.

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