Revising Your First Draft Novel


Rework your completed novel draft by exploring the art and craft of novel writing and getting constructive in-class critique.


What you can learn.

  • Explore revision strategies to improve your novel while staying true to your vision
  • Identify opportunities to improve structure, story, point-of view, and pacing
  • Learn about the art and craft of novel writing, including fundamentals of the novel as art form
  • Participate in workshops to give and receive feedback on works in progress

About this course:

You've just finished writing a first draft of your novel through "National Novel Writing Month" (NaNoWriMo), or you've written your first draft on your own. Now what? This workshop helps you move that first draft forward by exploring strategies for revision and delving deeper into the elements of novel writing, including shape, structure, point-of-view, characterization, dialogue, and different approaches to the use of time. The class proceeds in two modes: lectures on the art of the novel and its working components and close consideration of your draft, including constructive in-class critique and written feedback. Participants must come into the course with the completed first draft in hand.
At least one fiction writing course and/or the course Write a Novel in a Month as Part of National Novel Writing Month.

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