Voices of Color Workshop II


Writers of all genres can bring a single long-form work or several shorter pieces in progress to this workshop dedicated to fostering underrepresented voices of color


What you can learn.

  • Participate in a workshop environment that incorporates the writers' cultures, intentions, and lived experiences
  • Learn to consider written work through the lens of intersectionality
  • Participate in weekly reading assignments and contribute to a collaborative reading and viewing list
  • Understand how systemic bias and oppression have shaped the publishing industry, and how to assert your voice in that structure

About this course:

In Voices of Color Workshop II, underrepresented writers of color are asked to arrive with a single long-form work in progress [7K words or more] or 2-3 shorter pieces of a collection [each under 3K words] to be working on exclusively during the workshop with an eye on completion of the work(s). All genres and mediums are welcome. Together, we provide constructive reviews through the lens of the writer's intention, the writer's respective culture and associated value systems, and the writer's lived experience. As we engage in review, we learn to consider the writer's work and our own through the lens of intersectionality and how our specific cultural experience and associated socio-economical access or lack thereof interacts with patriarchal structures and ingrained systems of oppression both nationally and globally. Active and engaged participation weekly group manuscript review is mandatory. In addition, there are weekly reading assignments and the creation of a collaborative reading and viewing list.

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Speak to a program representative. Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm.
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