Literary Agent Search Prep


Craft a strategic plan for querying literary agents while developing your query letter to significantly improve your chances of receiving an offer of representation.


What you can learn.

  • Develop a strong query letter that captures the spirit of your project and entices the agent to read your pages
  • Learn how to make a successful "pitch" paragraph in the query to heighten interest in your writing
  • Craft a strategic plan for who, when, and how you will query to get your book represented or published
  • Learn to identify which agents are the right audience for your project and how to work with them

About this course:

Once you’ve completed your book, mastering the query letter and synopsis are the first steps you will take on your path to traditional publication. In publishing, 80-90% of all books bought by traditional publishers are sold through literary agents. In order to land an agent, you must craft a flawless query letter, and solid synopsis, which are the keys to getting eyes on your manuscript. In this course, critically acclaimed Simon and Schuster author and former literary agent Eve Porinchak guides you in creating a stellar professional query letter, and a one-page synopsis, which will significantly strengthen your chances of receiving an offer of representation from an agent. You also learn how to create a strategic plan for researching, targeting, and landing the perfect agent for you and your work.

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