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Architecture & Interior Design

ARCH X 433.11
This course focuses on the various furniture styles and designs from the Arts and Crafts movement to the contemporary designs of today.
ARCH X 443.16
This course is an intensive study of the history of decorative arts with an emphasis on practical applications in contemporary interior design.
ARCH X 443.40
This concentrated six-week course examines the appropriateness, timing, aesthetics, function, and availability of accessories in residential interior design.
ARCH X 498.10
This course demonstrates the proper verbal and graphic skills needed to create the ideal portfolio and design presentation.
Format: Classroom
ARCH X 468.6B
This advanced SketchUp course is designed to give you the necessary skills to develop a model for presentation and construction purposes.
Format: Online
ARCH 700
Join us for an open house session about the Architecture & Interior Design Programs. Learn about the career opportunities and benefits of our nationally ranked Master of Interior Architecture Program and how it will help you reach your personal and professional goals. Program offers high-quality courses, industry expert instructors, and more to help you reach your professional and personal goals.
Format: Information Session
ARCH X 497.5
This course serves as an introduction to the business procedures encountered in the practice of interior design.
Format: Classroom
ARCH X 452.1
This course covers the study of the perception of color, its permutations, and its dimensions, using traditional as well as contemporary methods.
Format: Classroom
ARCH X 471.125
This seminar and studio course explores the ideas, imagination, and inspirations behind developing design concepts.
Format: Classroom
ARCH X 443.17
This course is an intensive study of the history of decorative arts with an emphasis on how Asian and Islamic styles influenced Baroque and Rococo, which in turn influenced Art Nouveau.
ARCH X 443.18
This course is an intensive study of the history of decorative arts with an emphasis on how ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman styles influenced Early and Late Neo-Classic, which in turn influenced Art Deco.
ARCH X 467.17A
This beginning interior design course focuses on basic freehand drawing and drafting.
Format: Classroom
This course explores the full range of constructed line drawings, including axonometric, one-point perspective, and model making.
Format: Classroom
This course helps students translate 2-D floor plans into 3-D spaces.
Format: Classroom
ARCH X 468.20
This hands-on course introduces designers to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Learn why the use of these professional tools is essential to the creative design process.
Format: Classroom | Online
ARCH X 468.5A
This course covers the basic AutoCAD commands used to create and edit 2-D CAD drawings.
Format: Classroom | Online
ARCH X 468.13A
This hands-on workshop introduces the basic concepts and tools of Revit, a building information modeling program for architects and interior designers.
Format: Classroom | Online
ARCH X 468.5B
This continuation of Digital Presentation II covers the basic commands necessary to construct and view in 3-D. Instruction covers the accurate drawing of walls, doors, windows, details, and other 3-D objects.
Format: Online
ARCH X 438.13B
This advanced Revit course covers editing commands, sharing information, viewing tools, visualization, annotation, and construction documents.
Format: Classroom
This introduction to design fundamentals will help you develop perceptual skills, sensitivity, creative awareness, and the technical ability necessary to handle a variety of design media.
Format: Classroom | Online
This course examines abstract structuring in 2-D and 3-D design, use of construction materials, and fundamentals of modular systems and their modifications and variations.
Format: Classroom
ARCH X 443.45
This course examines the principles and application of Feng Shui in interior design.
Format: Classroom
ARCH X 438
This course offers an introduction to the process of commercial and residential interior design. Learn about the principles of design, the history of design in Los Angeles and Southern California, and more.
Format: Classroom
ARCH X 461.4
This course explores the furniture design process, from the concept stage to product development.
ARCH X 427.8A
Part one of a four-part survey of environmental arts of the Western world. This course covers the Aegean, Grecian, Roman, early Christian, and Byzantine cultures, encompassing early Medieval, Romanesque, and Gothic periods.
Format: Classroom | Online
ARCH X 427.8B
Part two of a four-part survey course on the environmental arts of the Western world, tracing architecture from the Italian Renaissance to the beginning of the 19th century in France, England, and America.
ARCH X 427.8C
This course traces the architecture and decorative arts of the 19th century. Periods covered include French Empire, Gothic Revival, Victorian, the Arts and Crafts Movement, and more.
Format: Online | Classroom
ARCH X 427.8D
Part four of a four-part survey course on the environmental arts of the Western world, tracing the major movements in architecture, interior design, furniture, and decorative arts of the 20th century.
This studio course addresses issues related to space planning in commercial design. Students generate design concepts for complex multilevel project requirements.
Format: Classroom
ARCH X 471.19
This studio course develops the student's ability to solve complex design problems, including issues of client analysis, space planning, and selection of interior components.
Format: Classroom
ARCH X 433
The first in a series of studio courses, students are given the opportunity to apply fundamental design principles to the layout of interior spaces while incorporating ergonomics and human factors.
Format: Classroom
This studio course introduces students to the process of linking rooms and spaces by architectural promenades. Students design a small single-family residence and learn to create atmospheric environments.
Format: Classroom
ARCH X 497.10
This course serves as an introduction to principles of contractual law as applied to the relationship between the interior designer and the client.
Format: Online
ARCH X 497.11
This course introduces fundamental legal principles regarding employment law, intellectual property law, unfair competition law, and other specific legal topics as they apply to the interior design business.
Format: Online
ARCH X 498.22
This course explores the use of interior design in cinema, examining styles ranging from Neo-Classical to Mid-Century Modern.
ARCH X 467.27B
This course deals with the basic construction and materials of both commercial and residential buildings.
Format: Classroom
ARCH X 498.12
This course demonstrates the required knowledge and techniques for producing photorealistic interior renderings using 3ds Max and V-Ray rendering engine.
Format: Classroom
ARCH X 467.15
This course covers basic lighting topics, including light and texture, color, fixture schedules, switching patterns, and more.
Format: Classroom
ARCH X 498
This final studio course examines methods of integrating architectural and interior design, as well as mechanical and electrical elements and systems.
Format: Classroom
ARCH X 498.1
This advanced studio focuses on independent research and the development of an individual project description and building program.
Format: Classroom
ARCH X 467.11A
This course introduces the tools and techniques used in photographing architecture, interiors, renderings, plans, design boards, and scale models.
Format: Online
ARCH X 473
This internship gives students an opportunity to acquire hands-on industry experience.
Format: Independent Study/Internship
ARCH X 498.2
This course provides a detailed exploration of the various phases of an interior architecture project, distinguishing between residential and commercial, as well as differing methods relating to small and large offices.
Format: Classroom
ARCH X 497
Demonstrate mastery of the skills and thought processes at the core of the practice of interior architecture.
Format: Classroom
ARCH X 406.6
This introductory course explores current information on the challenges and pitfalls of residential remodeling.
Format: Classroom
ARCH X 468.6A
This comprehensive hands-on workshop covers the basic 2-D and 3-D commands necessary to construct 3-D objects in SketchUp.
Format: Online
ARCH X 427.7
This introductory course to surface materials for interior designers covers the selection and use of textiles, wall coverings, hard and soft surfaces, floor coverings, rugs, ceramic and vinyl tile, woods, and plastics.
Format: Classroom
ARCH X 467.55
This course focuses on sustainable design and the processes and tools for implementing changes in the use of our planet's limited resources.
Format: Classroom
ARCH X 464
This course will teach students the power of design with a narrative.
ARCH X 427.20
This introduction to building and life-safety regulations covers several critical aspects of code compliance, from design development through construction administration.
Format: Classroom
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