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MGMT 715.02
In this one-hour webinar you will develop strategies to successfully deliver projects in the new normal.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT 815.02
Soft skill development is crucial as a separator between success and failure as your career progresses.
MGMT X 408.66
The course examines the role of promotions and discounts in reducing inventories, the impact of profitability by financial management, and reviews how successful companies undertake the management of their enterprise.
Format: Online
MGMT X 442.15
This course provides training on the relevant ethics statutes and regulations applicable to government contracting at the prime and subcontract levels.
MGMT X 442.14
This course covers the financial analysis of vendor proposals to verify the reasonableness of the quoted prices.
MGMT X 445.7
This course reviews the evolution from the Armed Services Procurement Regulations (ASPR) to the Defense Acquisition Regulations (DAR) and the Federal Procurement Regulations (FPR) to the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) in conjunction with purchasing requirement, public law and negotiation requirements.
Format: Online
MECH&AE X 428.63
This course introduces students to manufacturing engineering in the context of production operations and objectives in the aerospace industry sector. Learning outcomes are facilitated through the use…
MGMT X 445
This course covers the domain of purchasing and the flow of purchasing tasks--from determining the requirements for goods and services through to their acceptance.
Format: Online
MGMT X 442.11
This course covers the principles and current trends of contracting with the federal government as a prime- or subcontractor with emphasis on applying the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) to daily problems.
Format: Online
MGMT X 408.65
Students learn the fundamentals of U.S. government regulations that impact how bidders propose work, negotiate prices, and execute to contractual terms.
Format: Online
MGMT X 408.61
This course covers the economic, social, political, and business customs that affect contracting in the international environment.
Format: Online
MGMT X 408.4
This course covers the legal analysis of award and administration of contracts; government contract law sources; and legal principles applied to problems involving data and patents.
Format: Online
MGMT X 445.5
This course covers the implication of business law on purchasing operations from terms and conditions to contract types, buyers' rights and limitations, and differences in government purchasing.
Format: Online
MGMT X 445.67
This course provides an overview of the key elements of a successful logistics organization starting with a strategic decision on logistics design and concluding with day-to-day operation of a logistics system's objectives.
MGMT 815.09
There is a monumental changing of the guard that is currently taking place in organizations due to demographic metabolism. One of the largest birth cohorts or generations in history (Baby Boomer) is…
MGMT X 408.5
This course provides a framework for analyzing how to approach the negotiation of a contract and dealing with the goals of the other party.
Format: Online
MGMT X 442.16
This course provides training on price developement with unique requirements imposed on government contractors and subcontractors by FAR Part 15 for proposals under Best Value and Sole Source Contracting.
MGMT X 442.13
This course provides in-depth training on the principles, practices and procedures for preparing cost estimates in government contracts.
MGMT 715.50
Many businesses are responding to the recent changes with much uncertainty - What is the right thing to do, who is doing what, how are they prioritizing their efforts, and what impact are they making? This session is perfectly suited to answering these questions and more as we cover project management essentials to help you and your team make rational and probabilistic decisions.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT X 442.12
Learn about the contractor's process for preparing a cost proposal from the initial planning stages through negotiations.
Format: Online
MGMT 715.03
In this 1-hour webinar, individuals will benefit from this simple and scalable planning and action approach that applies in every business, function, and culture.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT 715.04
In this one-hour webinar you will develop strategies to successfully implement a succession plan.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT X 445.4
This course covers the duties and responsibilities associated with the purchasing analysis and compliance functions.
Format: Online
MGMT 815
This week-long intensive program for managers is designed to build leadership skills, interpersonal skills, and a repertoire of methods to solve problems, plan strategies, and motivate colleagues, while learning the latest business trends and paradigms.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT X 408.64
Learn the major areas of managing high-technology contracts: licensing strategies, enforcing licenses, managing a joint venture, entering into and maintaining strategic alliances, and transferring of technology.
Format: Online
MGMT X 445.66
This course provides essential information that elevates a supply chain practitioner by providing new information in the areas of information technology, quality, logistics, inventory, and financial management.
Format: Online
MGMT 815.03
Transcending Trust Dysfunction: Based on Stephen Covey’s best-selling book “Speed of Trust” and Patrick Lencioni’s “Five Dysfunctions of a Team”, this module will…
MGMT X 408.7
This course presents a review of the various types and forms of government contracts.
Format: Online
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