Developmental Editing II


Participate in a simulated professional editorial working environment in this course designed to deepen you developmental editing skills while learning to work with clients.


What you can learn.

  • Analyze an unpublished manuscript to craft an editorial letter to the writer
  • Collaborate with the author on a mutually agreed upon revision plan
  • Gain first-hand experience as a developmental editor before entering the workforce
  • Engage in line editing for the first few chapters of the author's work

About this course:

An editor’s job includes not only improving the mechanics of writing, but also identifying places where content needs revision and development, then engaging in respectful dialogue with their writer regarding subsequent drafts. Expanding on the topics covered in Developmental Editing, students will use their understanding of the editorial letter writing process to analyze an unpublished manuscript and work directly with the author on a mutually agreed upon revision plan for a second draft of their work. The class will emulate a professional editorial working environment with some in-class writer participation and a focus on preparing manuscripts for real-world submissions. The goal is to give students first-hand experience as developmental editors ahead of entering the workforce. At the end of the course, students will have written an editorial letter for an unpublished manuscript and delivered it to their writer, engaged in editorial conversation directly with their writer, arrived at a mutually agreed upon revision plan, line edited the first few chapters of their writer’s manuscript for submission, and worked with their writer to draft a submission letter and select appropriate publishers.

WRITING X 451.2 Developmental Editing I, or departmental approval. 

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