One-Hour TV V: Rewrite

SCRIPT X 422.10

Improve your existing script draft until it's a story that demands the reader's attention and gets you noticed


What you can learn.

  • Review the standards for a strong, professional pilot or an effective spec
  • Analyze your script drafts to identity areas of strength and opportunities for improvement
  • Engage in focused rewriting as part of a larger revision plan
  • Hone your premise and further develop characters, conflicts, and craft elements like dialogue and scenework

About this course:

Whether you've written a pilot or a spec of an existing 1-hour drama, your goal is the same: to dig deeper, raise the stakes higher, stretch your characters further to make your script one that will leave an indelible mark on its readers. If you're writing a pilot, have you introduced us to characters and situations that we want to come back to week after week? If you're writing a spec of an existing show, have you been true to the characters and situations as we know them, and still told a story that is somehow new? In this course, you review the choices your characters make, the consequences of those choices, and how to make those consequences more dramatic. You look at your actions, your pacing, your tension and your stakes, among other things. The goal: to improve your script until it's a story that demands the reader's attention.
SCRIPT X 422.4 One-Hour TV IV, SCRIPT X 422.4N One-Hour TV Intensive IV, or SCRIPT X 422.8 Dramedy TV IV, or department approval.

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