Special Needs Trusts - Seminar

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Join us for this free seminar where you will learn how important it is to have a properly designed special needs trust and the role it plays in securing your beneficiary's future.   


Why you should attend.

  • Learn how to develop a properly designed plan to provide for a special needs individual
  • Understand what qualifies an adult not responsible enough to manage money as special needs
  • Discuss the benefits of setting up a trust, no matter what income level you are at
  • Participate in a live Q&A

About this course:

Special needs trusts are used to preserve public benefits and to provide a system of advocacy for individuals with a physical or mental disability. Attendees will learn how a properly designed special needs trust can preserve a beneficiary’s eligibility for government aid and create a roadmap for the future of the special needs loved one. Topics discussed include funding of a special needs trust, selection of trustees, third party special needs trusts vs. self-settled special needs trusts, exempt resources, alternatives to SNT’s, SSI and Medi-Cal benefits and eligibility.   
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