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Highest Paying Jobs of 2019

Plan ahead by knowing this year’s top-paying careers.

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In today’s competitive job market, salary is a key factor motivating job seekers.

Whether you’re interested in choosing a successful career path or want to stay up to date with salary trends, this list of the 25 highest salaries in the U.S. in 2019, compiled by Glassdoor, can assist you in making informed professional decisions.

Technology and health care roles are among the highest paying jobs listed below, with median base salaries ranging from $94,000 to $193,000 annually. Many of the highest paying jobs require an advanced education. Because professionals with knowledge and skills in these areas are in short supply, employers will pay top dollar to attract and retain talent.

25 Highest Paying Jobs in America

Job Titles by Industries Median Base Salary

Technology, Engineering & Data Science 

Enterprise Architect

Software Engineering Manager

Software Development Manager

Applications Development Manager

Solutions Architect

Data Architect

Plant Manager

IT Program Manager

Systems Architect

UX Manager

Site Reliability Engineer

Cloud Engineer

Data Scientist

Information Security Engineer

Analytics Manager


Health Care 


Pharmacy Manager



Physician Assistant

Nurse Practitioner


Corporate Controller

Financial Planning and Analysis Manager



Corporate Counsel


































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