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MGMT 890.08
This 1-day seminar course examines how to analyze real estate investment properties using the Argus Enterprise module. Participants will learn to analyze sale/purchase decisions and leasing activities from the perspective of the owner/lessor and the tenant/lessee. Covered topics include an overview of ARGUS, revenues and expenses, capital expenditures, rent roll, market leasing, debt, investment and evaluations, and meaningful reports. Students will also be preparing an Office Case Study to conclude our session.  
MGMT 890.07
This course shows you how to buy, own and operate apartment buildings as a profitable and headache-free business. Learn how to find and select a building to purchase, how to analyze financials, and much more.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT X 477.84
This course provides the techniques and strategies for successful management of commercial buildings, strip-shopping centers, and public venues. Students will analyze both the financial and physical management functions.
MGMT X 477.80
This course analyzes the contracts and administration issues in commercial real estate acquisitions and dispositions. Students will learn ethics and the acquisitions and dispositions processes through multiple perspectives.
MGMT X 477.7
This course analyzes the market and financial issues in commercial real estate acquisitions and dispositions. Content is also of interest to attorneys, accountants, bankers, asset managers, property managers, and developers.
MGMT X 477.5
This course covers the market and financial issues in commercial real estate lease transactions. Key steps are covered, from obtaining the listing and marketing the property to qualifying an offer and closing the deal.
MGMT X 477.6
This course builds on the principles and practices of the prior course, and analyzes the contracts and administration issues in commercial real estate lease transactions.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 477.88
This course illustrates the underlying trends and cycles of global economies and covers the forecasting methods and tools for analyzing the data that impacts company revenues, expenses, strategies, and competitive positions.
MGMT X 476.321
This course is for individuals interested in entering the commercial real estate field. The course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of commercial real estate, including property types, financials, and valuation.
MGMT X 476.35
This course provides eligible students an opportunity to earn elective credit toward the certificate program with an internship position that the student has secured and which Extension has approved.
Format: Independent Study/Internship
MGMT X 477.91
This course provides an overview of the international real estate markets and investments. Case studies examine the impact of macroeconomic policies on real estate and the growth of cross-border real estate capital.
MGMT X 476.7
The course examines the legal issues surrounding real estate ownership and transfer in California, examining the range and scope of real property law's influence on various aspects of the real estate industry.
Format: Online
MGMT X 476.2
This course covers property management fundamentals for real estate professionals, individual owners, and real estate students. A variety of properties, tenancies, and property management duties are explored in depth.
Format: Online
MGMT X 475.5
This course surveys the principles and tools of appraising various types of real estate, as well as provides an analysis of value, price, property, and legal rights. Students will complete a demonstration appraisal report.
Format: Online
MGMT 890.16
Get the basics on how to start investing in real estate with confidence and learn how to secure your financial future today.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 477.10
This course provides a comprehensive understanding of real estate development, examining the roles and responsibilities of the real estate developer and the various components and issues specific to the development process.
Format: Online
MGMT X 477.12
This course identifies the steps required to conceive and execute residential and commercial development projects, and provide understanding of the terminology, components and processes required for managing such projects.
MGMT 893.021
This course prepares you for the specific topics in the California Real Estate Salesperson licensing exam, focusing on the specific areas of the exam questions, with our number one goal being for you to pass the exam.
MGMT X 475.4
This course surveys the concepts, methods and techniques of financing residential and non-residential real estate, while also identifying and analyzing the various instruments used for such purposes.
Format: Online
MGMT X 477.9
This course examines residential, commercial, industrial, and special-purpose real estate investments using various data sets and analysis techniques that are fundamental to analyzing real estate investments.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 476.8
This course provides a critical analysis of market trends including sales, lending, and leasing. Case studies are utilized to analyze various data sets and types of real estate developments to understand real estate markets.
Format: Hybrid
MGMT X 475.2
This course covers the elements of day-to-day real estate sales and brokerage practices, emphasizing the selling process and the handling of a real estate transaction from listing to closing escrow.
Format: Online
MGMT X 475.1
This course covers the basic principles, economic aspects, and laws of real estate needed to obtain a real estate license and/or for better management of personal investments.
Format: Online | Remote Instruction
MGMT X 476.15
This course covers the economic foundations of real estate value including location theory, and theories of growth and decay of local areas, cities, and regions.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT X 477.83
This course teaches the skills necessary to manage rental houses and apartment buildings in a manner that maintains and ultimately enhances the value of income-producing houses and multifamily properties.
MGMT UL 722 .40
Join us for a 2-hour livestreamed event as we bring together a panel of real estate industry experts who will be discussing the impacts COVID-19 has had on the real estate market. 
MGMT 890.04
This course provides a practical analysis of the legal and economic issues involved in leasing retail, office, and industrial properties. Designed for those who have general familiarity with real estate leases.
MGMT X 477.95
This course teaches students how to analyze real estate investment property using the Argus Enterprise module and also prepares participants for the Argus Enterprise certification examination.
Format: Remote Instruction
MGMT UL 893.02
A panel of local real estate experts will offer an eye-opening presentation of career opportunities, strategies, challenges, and practical experience gained from decades of failure and success.
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