Advanced Show Bible and Pitch Deck Workshop

SCRIPT X 423.7

Craft a polished pitch deck or show bible to help you sell your original pilot.


What you can learn.

  • Learn the role of pitch decks and show bibles in fostering interest in your pilot and closing the deal
  • Identify the key elements of powerful pitch decks and show bibles by studying successful real-world examples
  • Engage in workshops with peers to give and receive feedback on your pitch deck or show bible in progress
  • Work alongside and gain insights from students who have completed a strong pilot script through the application-based advanced course structure

About this course:

Do you have a great pilot script, but no idea how to fully develop an engaging Show Bible or Pitch Deck that can help sell your show? In this workshop, we learn the importance of each of these industry documents when pitching your script, and what you need to include in each of them. With a combination of lectures and workshops, week after week we study some of the best Pitch Decks and Show Bibles from successful shows, discuss and work on the different areas of these documents regarding your own pilot, get notes in order to polish your work, and in 10 weeks you end up with a polished Pitch Deck or Show Bible (your choice) to shop around. This is an ideal course for students who want a structured and safe place to workshop their ideas and get constructive criticism, while also having a flexible schedule to go over the weekly lectures, readings, and assignments, and set deadlines to get you to complete your Pitch Deck or Show Bible. This is an advanced workshop, submission based, and limited to 12 students.

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