Artificial Intelligence: An Overview and What It Can Do for You

COM SCI 760.13

What is AI all about? This short course discusses the concept of AI, and the aims, directions, and challenges of some of its applications. Learn how AI can be used to tackle a wide range of problems in business and beyond.


What you can learn.

  • Gain an introductory overview for AI for business
  • Learn the aims of AI for solving future problems
  • Understand the challenges of AI's current applications

About this course:

In recent years, the public has witnessed a whirlwind of excitement and cringe surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) - from astonishing achievements in autonomous cars and healthcare to frightening claims about AI posing a risk to mankind. So what is AI? Can AI bootstrap itself, or will it fail when it approaches the edges of human cognition? In this talk, Dr. Ramin Ramezani of the UCLA Samueli School will discuss the concept of AI, aims, directions, challenges and some of its applications, and will demonstrate how AI can be used to tackle a wide range of problems.
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