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Business Insights Podcast: Episode 1

The Upcoming Recession: Should I Be Concerned?

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Episode 1

Every day the media trumpets the vulnerability of the economy including selected sound bites intended to be “newsmakers.”

In 20 minutes, you’ll better understand the impact of recession on financial markets, businesses, and our job markets. Our focus includes recognition of the impact of global money managers, asset pricing trends, and suggestions for your own preparation (career and investment planning).

Remember that “the trend is your friend,” but where we are in the channel of a trend is more of a warning than a forecast.

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Business Insights Podcast

L.A. business and jobs forecast, where we highlight hot topics and underlying economic trends useful to you. We explore action plans that you can apply to improve your income, investments and career progression.

If you want to know what’s really going on in the economy, and what the impact is on Los Angeles area jobs, then you will want to tune in.

Roger Torneden
UCLA Extension Business, Management, and Legal Programs Department Director, and host of Business Insights
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